Saints of Christ Orthodox Christian Icon Jewelry - Sterling Silver Teardrop Icon pendant with recess oxidation of the Virgin Mary and Theotokos with Jesus Christ in her arms. Available in other shapes, sizes, and materials.

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Icon of the virgin Mary (the Theotokos), Jesus Christ, and Saint John the Baptist. Supplication Icon (The Deesis) Icon pendants for each person in a variety of presentations, shapes, sizes, and materials. Come and See!

The Icons of Supplication

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Bringing the devotion of Christian Iconography and Symbolism to the expression of jewelry.

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Confined no longer just in our churches alone, but hung upon our necks, what we have affixed to their walls!

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Bring the "traveling icon" to a whole other level of devotion and expression.

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...Capturing the beauty of Byzantine Iconography...

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Sterling Silver Pantocrator Iconostasis Icon pendant with recessed oxidation. Yellow gold window Icon pendant of Saint John the Baptist.

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