Sterling silver or white gold three budded Jerusalem cross.
Rose gold or rose gold plated three budded Jerusalem cross.
Yellow gold or yellow gold plated three budded Jerusalem cross.

Three Budded Jerusalem Cross

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There are many interpretations as to why there are five crosses for the Jerusalem Cross. We have chosen one meaningful understanding. The four little Crosses represent the four Gospels and the large cross represents Christ Himself, the object of the four Gospels! This traditional and beloved design showcases the Three-Budded motif at each end of the Cross's arms, which represents the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Approximate Sizing:
(Images above should never be used for size reference, only for design and approximate color)
Small - Width: 22mm (.86") X Height: 22mm (0.86") X Depth: 1.8mm
Medium - Width: 25mm (.98") X Height: 25mm (.98") X Depth: 1.8mm
Large - Width: 28mm (1.10") X Height: 28mm (1.10") X Depth: 1.8mm