Rose gold or rose gold plated three budded cross with three bar inlay.
Sterling silver or white gold three budded cross with three bar inlay.
Yellow gold or yellow gold plated three budded cross with three bar inlay.

Saints of Christ Cross (Sts. of XC Cross)

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This Cross contains the combination of two classic and traditional designs and is our family's preferred presentation of the Cross. First, the base of this design showcases the three budded motif at each end of the Cross which symbolically represents the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Second, this design also exhibits a three bar cross inlay (known by many as the True Cross). This portion is theologically rich in meaning: the highest bar proclaims to us that Christ is the King of Glory, the center bar reminds us of the passion Christ suffered for us to become one with God again, and the bottom bar points in the direction of the repentant thief who hung beside our Lord and is a model for us follow. 

Approximate Sizing:
(Images above should never be used for size reference, only for design and approximate color)
Extra Small - Width: 16.5mm (.65") X Height: 20mm (0.79") X Depth: 1.8mm
Small - Width: 19mm (.75") X Height: 23mm (0.91") X Depth: 1.8mm
Medium - Width: 20.6mm (.81") X Height: 26mm (1.02") X Depth: 1.8mm
Large - Width: 23mm (.91") X Height: 29mm (1.14") X Depth: 1.8mm
Extra Large - Width: 25.5mm (1") X Height: 32mm (1.26") X Depth: 1.8mm