Acknowledgment of the Terms and Conditions

Shipping Process
Shipment of purchases has been affected by COVID-19. Delivery of your order may vary due to delays at the manufacturing stage, receiving stage, and/or shipment stage. All products are MADE TO ORDER.
If you need your order for a special occasion, we recommend placing your order at least 30 business days in advance to account for these delays. We will do our best, to deliver your purchase in a timely manner, but we cannot guarantee your purchase any sooner than 30 business days at this time due to circumstances outside of our control.
Return Policy
While it is our desire to one day offer this option, at this present time, Sts of XC cannot and does not accept returns nor are we able to issue refunds. Exchanges may be allowed on a case by case basis.
Each piece of devotional jewelry is MADE TO ORDER and is therefore custom made. All product goes through a thorough quality check before being shipped out. Please ensure that the size of the pendent and necklace you are requesting, or the ring size you have chosen, are the proper size meant for you or the one you are purchasing for.
Thank You.