Rose gold or rose gold plated basic beveled Latin cross.
Sterling silver or white gold basic beveled Latin cross.
Yellow gold or yellow gold plated basic beveled Latin cross.

The Latin Cross

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A classic and familiar design!
The design of the Latin Cross expresses the chief meaning of the Cross and remains the most recognizable symbol representing all of Christendom.
This design comes with a slight beveled feature on the sides to bring out the depth of the Latin cross.
Approximate Sizing:
(Images above should never be used for size reference, only for design and approximate color)

Extra Small - Width: 15mm (.59") X Height: 20mm (0.79") X Depth: 2.7mm

Small - Width: 17.2mm (.68") X Height: 23mm (0.91") X Depth: 2.7mm

Medium - Width: 19.5mm (.77") X Height: 26mm (1.02") X Depth: 2.7mm

Large - Width: 21.8mm (.86") X Height: 29mm (1.14") X Depth: 2.7mm

Extra Large - Width: 24mm (.95 ") X Height: 32mm (1.26") X Depth: 3mm