About Our Artistry

Future Product
Sts of XC is working every day to release new designs and feature new products. If you do not see your desired Saint, rest assured that we are working on it! You can also request a saint here. If you would like to stay informed on our latest designs, please sign up for our bi-weekly email with updates on new products. Be sure to also follow us on social media for all our live updates!
Materials Used and Sourcing
All products offered at Sts of XC are fabricated in the United States and are sold in either solid .925 silver or solid 14k gold (yellow, white, or rose). Furthermore, because the cost of gold is incredibly high, we do offer 14k gold-plated brass, but only for our pendants and some future accessories (such as cufflinks).   

  3D Disclaimer and Fabrication Process

Saints of Christ products are not engraved designs, nor are they stamped. Our artistry utilizes a unique three-dimensional relief system called Bas-Relief, which provides rich depth and detail, and are designed in such a way to last for many years. 

Please be advised that most product photos displayed on Saints of Christ’s product pages are 3-Dimensional representations of the actual product itself. As is industry standard, most custom work in the jewelry world is done through various types of 3D software for geometric accuracy.

After a product has been modeled via the 3D software, a mold is then materialized using a 3D printer or some alternative CAD machine. Once the mold is made, it is here the bench jeweler will melt away the mold to fabricate the work in precious metals and finish with hand polishing.