Our Memoir...

Saints of Christ (Sts. of XC) is a family owned business. Our story begins the day the Orthodox faith was revealed to our family. Among the infinite theological and historical richness that overwhelmed our hearts, one awe-inspiring element of our Christian faith grabbed us most, and it was the Iconography.   When we came to know the deep importance of Iconography, we never wanted, not even for one second, to be without an Icon, since they serve as constant spiritual reminders to imitate Christ, as the Saints imitated Christ (1 Cor. 11:1). Jewelry is not exempt from this realm of interpretive expression in Iconography. 
We believe jewelry can serve as an important symbolic and practical role in our day-to-day lives; when used to express our devotion to the Lord, His Holy Mother, and His Saints.
With that said, our family has been in the jewelry industry for years. Having worked for some of the most notable jewelry names and brands in American culture, we realized the need for practical subtlety, and at the same time, the necessity of quality and detail. As such, you will find our artistry is not "cookie-cutter," but substantive and refined. Thus, desiring to serve God with every action of our lives, the conviction arose within us to put our time and talents towards creating 'Icon Jewelry' for the faithful to enjoy!
We thank you for visiting our online jewelry store! May God bless you, and may our Holy Mother, His Saints, and the Angels be a constant source of joy, love, strength, and consolation.
*To learn more about our artistry, its designs, and the material used, please visit our 'About Our Artistry' page.*